Custom NFL Coffee Travel Mugs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

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Custom NFL Coffee Travel Mugs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers,

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But one of Lock’s teammates thinks the quarterback is taking things in stride and focusing on improving.

Davidson is preparing to enter the NFL as a 6-foot-7 playmaking tight end. But he’s also practicing his punting on his downtime. He caught 15 touchdown passes in 2019 and earned all-Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association status as both a tight end and a punter, so it’s possible he could help an NFL team at either position. Or maybe both.New York Jets
Custom NFL Coffee Travel Mugs

Watt said Joseph runs a defensive scheme that's similar to the one Watt played in under Wade Phillips in Houston -- "which is a scheme I'm very familiar with and very comfortable with and excited to play in."


What I wrote at the time: "I've been praising his skill level and raw potential since he entered the WSU campus in 1990, and nothing has changed since that time to lessen my enthusiasm. Like all young, maturing QBs, he needs to develop a little more touch. No QB in college football, either this year, or in the years to come, can touch Bledsoe in terms of raw physical potential. This is why he rates as the No. 1 overall player on my ratings board and is clearly the most coveted prospect in the draft."Los Angeles Rams

Bears coach Matt Nagy thinks his team got one of the most talented receivers in football in the fifth round of last year’s draft.Green Bay Packers


ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler shared the same sentiment last week, saying Wilson’s plans if he came to Chicago would be broader than simply coming to play quarterback.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2012: St. Louis Rams (to No. 6) -- This is known as the RGIII trade. The Rams collected a second-round pick in 2012, plus first-rounders in 2013 and 2014 from the Washington Football Team, which mortgaged its future for Robert Griffin III.


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